How to Spot Tenant From Hell

By Property Dr. Vincent Gan

The past few days I have been bombarded by this viral news of a landlord in Penang who discovered horrific scenes of mass destruction and garbage in his property.

The truth is this, if you are a landlord, sooner or later you WILL face the scenario every property owner dreads - namely the tenant from hell.

. HOW DO SPOT EARLY SIGNS OF THESE DISGUSTING TENANTS? . While non-payment of rent is not the only behaviour that makes a tenant difficult or undesirable, it is usually the first indication that there is a problem, and can accompany other unsavoury conduct! .

There are several tactics a tenant might use to avoid paying rent. It's important not to fall for them. . 🔹PAYING PARTIAL RENT A tenant may pay a portion of the rent owed. While they may promise to pay the balance the following month along with that month's full rent, this is a warning sign and you are unwise to accept it. . This is because, if you accept partial rent one month, you cannot begin the eviction procedure. The tenant has thus bought time. . 🔹PAYING IN CASH The problem with cash is that it is untraceable, and therefore if you take your tenant to court, they may claim they made rental payments they did not make, and you cannot prove otherwise. . It is easy to produce a fake receipt. You need to be able to show a record of payments made and clear evidence of the months when rent was not paid. . If cash is the only option, give them a receipt that you both sign at the time and keep a copy for yourself. . 🔹THE HARDSHIP STORY Some tenants will ask for more time to pay rent, accompanied by a tale of woe designed to gain your sympathy. While their situation may be genuine, it is very hard to verify. . No matter how much compassion you have for their misfortune, YOU ARE NOT A BANK or a charity. . 🔹THE MAINTENANCE RUSE A tenant may claim that a property is uninhabitable or in need of maintenance and withhold rent until the "fault" has been addressed. . Make sure your lease specifies how maintenance requests are to be made (in writing is best), and then acknowledge every maintenance request, track progress in a system, and provide the tenant with updates. . If you respond in a timely manner to written requests for maintenance, the tenant has no grounds for withholding rent. . #propertydoctor #holygrailanalysis

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